Emily Leung

ASSOCIATE Cultural Strategist

Emily is a visual storyteller and loves using her background in design and journalism to craft the most convincing and inspiring story to clients. She grew up a curious child (and a not so covert people watcher)—which later stemmed into a more productive interest in psychology and consumer behavior and led her to study Marketing at UC Irvine.  

Emily also has a huge passion for food and grew up in a multi-cultural, Chinese American home—getting a taste of the best of both worlds. Her dad introduced her to the world of baking and the two bonded over episodes of “Unwrapped”, a behind the scenes show on how iconic American foods are made. Her mom’s family has a rich history in food as her grandpa opened his own Chinese restaurant when their family immigrated from Taiwan to the U.S. in the 70’s. She loves translating this passion for food into her work by forecasting rising food trends and hanging out with local food bloggers in Indonesia.

Outside of work, you’ll most likely find Emily spending time with her church family, reading at local coffee shops, or finding some new to DIY. Other passions of hers include biblical counseling, wedding planning, and interior design.

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