Culture-Forward Brand Positioning

Using our 4C’s Framework, we help brands unlock clear & viscerally exciting brand positionings that are tapped into culture. We do this through rapid ideation, projective research and utilizing emerging cultural trends.


Category Entry Point Growth Study

Modern marketing science shows that traditional segmentation approaches can limit brand growth. Our Category Entry Point Growth study allows us to see the opportunity from a different angle, by identifying the key Category Entry Points that drive your category, highlighting which ones you’re strong in, and which ones you should consider growing. This actionable tool allows your brands to be relevant to more consumer needs and ensure sustained growth where it matters.


Brand Metaphor Deep Dives

Using metaphor images, and other unconventional projective exercises we unearth the deep-seated meaning of a product, category, or brand. This approach is extremely efficient at getting to the heart of the brand's challenges and opportunities.


Relevance in a New Country

Our Market Entry projects take on a culture-centric approach that combines trend analysis, and primary consumer research to help you become a brand that will be relevant for the long-term, rather than just a boom-splat opening.


Moments in Culture Strategy

Our Moments in Culture projects include opportunity area mining, ideation, and workshops where we co-create ideas to make noise in culture in a brand-building way.


Cultural Trend Decoding

Using a mixture of primary research, trend analysis, and expert collaborations, our cultural anthropologists and strategists decode the most relevant trends to guide your communication strategies and product innovation.